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The Road Back to Work

The Road Back to Work is an online portal supporting those with partial work ability. A person with partial work ability have retained or regained part of their work ability and are willing to make use of that ability.

The tools set provided by the service is based on the concept national Programme for persons with partial work ability (Osku). At the moment, the website is only available in Finnish. The website can be browsed for different methods to help in maintaining work ability and support those with reduced work ability. Forum is a notice board and discussion forum for rehabilitation professionals to ask questions from colleagues, to share experiences and knowledge and to post job and training adverts.

The website is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and is part of the Government Key Project Career opportunities for people with partial work ability. The Rehabilitation Foundation has created the service in collaboration with Vates Foundation and the Insurance Rehabilitation Association of Finland (VKK).

The following pages provide information on work ability in English:

Organisations, associations and other third-sector operators offer a wide range of services supporting their members’ work ability and participation. These services include advice, peer support and activities enhancing work ability and functional ability:

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